Monday, September 8, 2008

Last week home.

This is my last week of maternity leave, and I am very bummed that I have to go back to work already. I am not at all someone who wants to stay home full time, but I would like another month or two and then to work four days a week instead of five. However, that is not an option, so back I will go.

We have had a great time the last few months. Jelly is growing and changing everyday. She nurses like a champ and loves her pacifier. She is long and lean with a great smile.

PB is wonderful. He makes us laugh daily. He is learning all kinds of new works. Yesterday we heard Pea Potter (Peanut Butter) at least 500 times in a row! He is very happy and loves his "baby sista." He also gives a good scolding when he doesn't like what we have done. Today he told me,
"Don't - Naughty!" when at the play area at the local mall. He had his hand in a fist at the same time and was shaking it at me. It was hilarious.

I will try and get some pictures posted on here soon. It is just so hard to spend the time right now, but I will get to it.

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